Street Graffiti Through The Use Of Stickers

Street graffiti is a phenomenon which is a popular way of showing ones feelings whether they are towards a specific ideology or a political agenda. Mostly street graffiti is a favourite of teenagers who want to be rebellious in everything they do. This kind of graffiti usually uses the aid of spray paints and markers and sometime paints. This takes much more time than pasting custom stickers on the wall or the billboards. Teenagers mostly do this out of pleasure instead of a specific reason. This is mostly done on the streets of USA where it is an illegal thing to do.



Why is street graffiti mostly done in late hours?

This activity is usually done in late hours of the night. This is because it is hard to see the faces of the people making the designs on the walls or the bill boards. In this the graffiti makers can complete their work without the interruption from outer forces like police and security guards. Bill board graffiti is especially disliked by business owners who have their advertisements on the boards. This reduces the effect of the product and makes the graffiti more prominent. If those who make use of the walls and bill boards are caught they are charged with damaging property. It takes a lot of time to remove all the mess that has been created. In addition to the time consumption the amount of money that is put on to removing them and for the companies to change their advertisement.

Teenagers are not concerned about these things. What they want to do is to have fun and get their creativity across. If you see the street graffiti around the world you will see what a wonderful piece of art it is and how creative those who make it are. It is not a bad idea to make this illegal as this ruins property but in this way we are blocking the talent which is eager to burst. Therefore, what the governments should do is to take out a scheme which would not supress the creative side of the young generation and would also protect the property of people. They can come up with parks specifically for this reason hence giving these rebellious youngsters a place to show off their creativity.These online stickers should be able to be accessed through internet so that it is easier for them to find them.


Stickers: a better way to show the creativity:

However using paints is an expensive and time consuming technique. Therefore the use of stickers is a better way to have lots of fun in a less costly way. The cheap stickers can be used to show the talent that is inside you which is ready to take over the world. The advantage of using stickers is that they do not damage the property permanently and can be removed easily. This is another way which can be introduced by the government for damage control. In this way the owners of the buildings and billboards would not be at a great loss. The convicted people could be given the penalty of cleaning the mess they have created and save the money spent on the labour force.


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