Street Graffiti Through The Use Of Stickers

Street graffiti is a phenomenon which is a popular way of showing ones feelings whether they are towards a specific ideology or a political agenda. Mostly street graffiti is a favourite of teenagers who want to be rebellious in everything they do. This kind of graffiti usually uses the aid of spray paints and markers and sometime paints. This takes much more time than pasting custom stickers on the wall or the billboards. Teenagers mostly do this out of pleasure instead of a specific reason. This is mostly done on the streets of USA where it is an illegal thing to do.



Why is street graffiti mostly done in late hours?

This activity is usually done in late hours of the night. This is because it is hard to see the faces of the people making the designs on the walls or the bill boards. In this the graffiti makers can complete their work without the interruption from outer forces like police and security guards. Bill board graffiti is especially disliked by business owners who have their advertisements on the boards. Continue reading